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[Johann Valentin Andreae] ¶ Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz anno 1459 [world-of-darkness PDF] Ebook Epub Download ó The Chemical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz, Often Looked Upon As The Third Rosicrucian Manifesto, Has An Entirely Different Tone From The Other Rosicrucian Documents Unlike The Rosicrucian Manifestoes, Which Address The Transformation Of Society, The Chemical Wedding Is Concerned With The Inner Transformation Of The Soul It Is A Deeply Interior Work, One Which Asks The Reader To Step Into Its World Of Symbols And Walk With Christian Rosenkreutz Along His Path Of Transformation Despite Its Importance As A Key Text Of The Western Esoteric Traditions, This Is The First Ever Contemporary English Translation Of The Chemical Wedding, Made Especially For This Edition By Joscelyn Godwin Also Included In This Edition Is An Introduction And Commentary By Adam McLean, Which Illuminates The Transformative Symbolism And absurd and self aware tale that lets the allegory get so plump and shambling that it reveals itself as parody Presumably the humor was there all along, but Crowley draws it out with style and annotation, and the illustrations nail it down with the subtlety of a political cartoon.
The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz is a mysterious manifesto of unknown authorship that surfaced in early 1600 s Europe It has its roots in esoteric Christianity and alchemy, and helped found the Rosicrucian movement.
My review is HUH Let me summarize some 17th century author tripping on hallucinogens got philosophical one night and wrote a book He wrote about some mentally ill old guy who gets invited to a magic castle While there he gets into a whole bunch of trouble cause he keeps sneaking around and getting into stuff he shouldn t Yet, he s deemed to beworthy than the other freaks there and takes a boat to a big tower and witnesses some bird getting killed The end.
OK look, I picked up this book because so many reviews talk about its intricate complexity and great worth on a personal level Maybe it is that for some people Good for them B Much has been made of the fact that Andreae wrote this book when young, as a prank or literary hoax This may well be the case although I suspect his admission wasinspired by a desire to protect himself during the turbulent days of counter reformation warfare in Europe through which he lived Whatever the books original background may have been, it inspired a surge of spiritual, political and alchemical writing in the seventeenth century, and eventually the modern Rosicrucian pseudo religion If one disregards its history and legacy, I believe it still stands its ground as a startlingly odd , subtly unsettling and strangely inspiring piece of writing It is full of peculiar imagery which weaves its way into the subconscious Even if Andreae intended it to be a pastiche of the Alchemical literature of his day, he produced something which transcends parody and which occasionally shines wit For some reason I find myself tempted to review this with nothingthan So I hear you re a Rosicrucian now, Father Which would probably make about as much sense as any other approach Much lke Gawain and the Green Knight, it s impossible to read this keystone of 17th century oddness without suspecting one is missing the key to a code, butso than Gawain, here many suggestions have been made, and defended as doggedly as only academics, conspiracy theorists and occultists can defend the unprovable Alchemical, religious and political symbolism seem to be the favourites I reckon, if I set my mind to it, I could fill out glimpses I got of it as a kink thing John Crowley s gloss in his rather beautiful edition is that it s a a deliberate spoof of hermetic fantasies, even as it went on to inspire plenty itself, and b one of the first science fiction novels He may be deliberately trolling, but This is, by far, the oddest book I ve read all year originally published 400 years ago, the translator bills this as the first work of science fiction, because it s a tangle of allegories on secret alchemist procedures Every character is the representation of a substance element and the trials and interactions between the characters is their chemical relationship The version I read has footnotes, which were somewhat helpful in understanding what was going on although it was interesting how often the translator admitted to not knowing what certain scenes meant This reads like a bizarre fairy tale, full of riddles, and set in a Wonderland universe Expect the entire wedding party to get beheaded, for Venus to be sleeping in the castle basement, for a mischievous Cupid to poke his nose in everywhere, and for an old man to be forced to work his way t Five stars for Theo s fantastic illustrations alone Each drawing rewards any extra attention the viewer pays, with layers of meaning and witty details The narrator s character as a man who is simultaneously vain and earnest simultaneously childish and heroic simultaneously ridiculous and touching, couldn t beexactly orentertainingly conveyed than by the representations here The text is a wild ride for someone like me who knew nothing about alchemy or Rosicrucians, but John Crowley s notes prove to be an enchanting and reassuring guide through this wacky allegorical tale of blood, ashes, death and resurrection, royal authority, transparent jelly ish bodies, green souls, and baroque scientific magical processes He struck an appealing balance between scholarly interest and careful artistic interpretation that made the f It s hard for me to rate this As a primary source, a glimpse into the lives and fascinations of the seventeenth century, it s worth reading And the author s humor still works for at least this modern day reader I giggled throughout at the protagonist s mastery of the humblebrag It s a shaggy dog story, it s an allegory, it s a hoax, it s a joke, and it s certainly a swift and fun read but what it s not, by modern standards, is a novel And that s okay, but it makes it awfully hard to rank it on the same star rating system as everything else I read.
At this point in my life, I am too ignorant to say anything worthwhile about this book I believe that reading this, and the commentary that follows it, has brought me some inspiration and insight I don t know, however, if it would be of value to anyone else.
If you choose to read The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, I advise you to do so with humility Humility is a rare thing these days, but sometimes the best thing a person can do is just shut up and listen.
I didn t know what this was at all until I cracked open the beautiful hardcover book, and started reading Crowley s introduction It s his annotated edition of a 1616 little alchemical tale, of a man Christian Rosencreutz invited to a strange royal wedding, and the trials and rewards as he goes through all the tests and the rebirth of the king and the queen.
I don t know what to make of this at all Crowley s annotations were very helpful, to point out the symbolism and context But even then, the story is just so strange It s easy to see why it puzzles and intrigues people who want to interpret and reinterpret and create very convoluted explanations for everything, and read it all as allegorical Sometimes it contradicts itself, o

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