Trailer ✓ A Treatise on Angel Magic: Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks PDF by ä Adam McLean

Trailer ✓ A Treatise on Angel Magic: Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks PDF by ä Adam McLean From The World S Leading Authority On Alchemical Texts Comes A Classic Facsimile Edition Of A Late Th Century Collection Of Western Esoteric Ideas On Angel Magic This Volume Is An Exact And Complete Transcription Of The original Rare Manuscript Harley , Considered One Of The Most Important Occult Manuscripts In The British Library HarleyIs One Of Six Volumes In A Collection Described As The Treatises Of Dr Rudd Rudd, A Hebrew Scholar, Seemed To Have Had Available A Broad Spectrum Of Primary Sources And A Secret Tradition About The Enochian Tables Of John Dee In His Writing On Angels, Rudd Exposes Himself As A Practicing Magician As Well As A Scholar Of Esoteric Material He Was Deeply Immersed In The Dualistic Picture Of The Spiritual World, Which Is Of Great Importance In Esotericism McLean Has Transcribed The Text Of HarleyOn Angel Magic In Its Entirety, Modernizing The Spelling In Places But Remaining As Loyal As Possible To The Style Of Dr Rudd McLean Believes This Treatise Was Written By Rudd For Use By A Group Of Practicing Occultists Centered Around Him A Treatise On Angel Magic Includes Detailed Sections On The Schemhamphoras, TheAngels That Bear The Name Of God The Hierarchies Of The Fallen Angels Rapturous Images Of The Mansions Of The Moon Evocation Of The Natura Spirits And John Dee S Enochian System Of Angel Conjuration It Concludes With Dr Rudd S Treatise On The Nine Hierarchies Of Angels And Their Conjuration To Visible Appearance A Treatise On Angel Magic Is An Outstandingly Complex Source Work On Angel Magic, And A Resource That Brings Together Several Seminal Texts Not Available Anywhere Else Essential For Scholars And Students Of The Occult, The Book Offers Not Merely One Viewpoint On Western Esoterica But Instead Encompasses All Of The Important Thinking On These Topics Present In Medieval And Renaissance Times this work is from the british library the treatises of Dr Rudd, an 17th century English occultist.
the collection is a very important link from Dr Dee and Agrippa to Hockley and the Golden Dawn, it also sheds light on P.
B Randolph My favorite sections are the parts on elementals, which are very surreal and linked somehow, but yet separate from the Comte De Gabalis text The rosicrucian theories on elementals are the weirdest and most intriguing thing about them The rituals at the end are ponderous and time consuming they lack poetry and read like 9 pages of stereo instructions i ve only performed one operation so far using a triangle of art rather than a scrying stone thankfully there are only 9 angels to call.

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